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Yesterday’s Toastmasters was a memorable event that left a thoughtful impact. The charming atmosphere made the experience even more enjoyable.

Even the number of the meeting was 321, lucky charms☺️.

The tradition of Toastmasters was also something to be appreciated. As someone who has read and heard about Toastmasters for years, attending the event was a significant moment.

Although this was not my first time attending, it was the first time I felt like something meaningful could come out of it. I am grateful to be a part of the Toastmasters community and hope that it will continue to be a positive experience for me in the future.

Welcome to Mizar Club or another personal space?

Welcome to Mizar Club or another personal space?

I kept thinking about creating a blog, website, or a platform to speak whatever in my mind; a place about marketing, philosophy, history, my own before sleeping brain buzz. All the time I kept creating websites and neglected them because I used to be busy with...

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