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Welcome to Mizar Club or another personal space?

I kept thinking about creating a blog, website, or a platform to speak whatever in my mind; a place about marketing, philosophy, history, my own before sleeping brain buzz.

All the time I kept creating websites and neglected them because I used to be busy with nonsense like the technical stuff, and how should this website look, and I kept planning a tremendous amount of content ideas, scratching everywhere on my notes, voice notes, or whatever.

I created a podcast, then I dropped it after a year, it was like a shout in the dark or to the void, and I don’t know what impact I created.

Now, all that I care about, doing everything minimal and starting from nothing, just for the sake of starting something I like.

I will post here whatever crosses my mind, I hope something is useful for you or send it to me by email if you have any comments.

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