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Toastmasters Musaffah , reflections

Yesterday's Toastmasters was a memorable event that left a thoughtful impact. The charming atmosphere made the experience even more enjoyable. Even the number of the meeting was 321, lucky charms☺️. The tradition of Toastmasters was also something to be...

Inner challenges between your work and home personalities

yes, it's a big challenge, a big big one 🙂 for the last three weeks, I have had this sense of fatigue, all my colleagues have the same thing but still going to achieve the targets and the deliverables, at the beginning of this week, I started to get a little bit...

Welcome to Mizar Club or another personal space?

I kept thinking about creating a blog, website, or a platform to speak whatever in my mind; a place about marketing, philosophy, history, my own before sleeping brain buzz. All the time I kept creating websites and neglected them because I used to be busy with...

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