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yes, it’s a big challenge, a big big one 🙂

for the last three weeks, I have had this sense of fatigue, all my colleagues have the same thing but still going to achieve the targets and the deliverables, at the beginning of this week, I started to get a little bit sick, and I can feel that my body asking me to rest and compensate for those weekends in between with no rest, there was no time to recharge like a normal weekend to continue working.

Now, every time I decide tomorrow I will let my body and mind rest, but there are dependencies in my team’s flow that need my full attention, and I can see how we are striving to go through every little challenge between different products and business lines.

It struck me how my inner voice speaks, and how my subconscious responds, and then the final decision takes place at the end.

The Imaginary Conversation accrues at 9 AM to 11 AM:
  • Inner: I need to rest
  • Subconscious: the team needs me, I need to deliver X and Y.
  • Inner: Me needs Me too!!, I need the rest, popping pills won’t fix it when you will do it.
  • Subconscious: But…I can’t be absent in those sensitive days, you know!
  • Inner: the work will never end, every day at work is sensitive, ask yourself, what’s in it for you? Your Health Matters.
  • Subconscious: Let me think about it, I am still at the beginning of the day, so I will try to check.
  • Inner: I know that you will not do it, after all.
  • Subconscious: who do think I am? I said that I would decide, I can deliver at list X and half of Y.
  • Inner: will see.
Subconscious discovers that action Z appeared in middle of the day and have more priorty than X and Y combined, then Subconscious decided that he must show up the next day to continue and postpone the leave till end of the week, and keep on getting the pain killers that would help until this weird flu or cold pass by itself without intervention.

So, I told myself, to search about it, I discovered that this conversation happens every time when you have stress and the body needs actual rest, and the mind needs to be disconnected too.

What really helps is a good session of the morning’s mindfulness meditation with a big smile, it releases the tension that our mind creates when time pressures you, and calms you… Simple steps to follow would really help.

Check the below URL, It may help a lot with you, and you need to listen to your body very carefully, ignoring these messages won’t ever end well, believe me, I’ve been there a lot.


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